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Writing a Resume

How to Write a Resume?

What is a resume?

A resume is a document that presents an individual's background, abilities, skills and qualifications and is generally used to seek employment. A curriculum vitae is a shorter version of the resume and is used in the UK. A resume (in addition to a cover letter) is more popular in the US and is a more detailed version of the CV specifying a person's educational or professional background, qualifications, specific skills, experiences and interests.

What is the purpose of a resume?

The primary purpose of a resume is to provide information about a candidate's suitability for a job, so resumes are an essential part of job applications. Resumes are prepared and updated by individuals to seek new employment and an individual prepares her resume to provide a detailed profile about her background and experience to her prospective employers. Each resume is customized to suit specific job descriptions and certain skills required for the job are emphasized. Resumes are typically short and limited to one or two pages and for each job, only the relevant information for that specific position is included in the resume.

Write a Resume

Resumes and blogs have a similar purpose as they are both meant to increase visibility of an individual and help create his or her personal brand. A blog is used as a marketing tool on the web to highlight the talents of an individual and a great resume can also serve as a tool to market the skills and qualifications of a candidate and increase his chances of getting the job.

How to create a great resume?

It is important that you create an effective resume to get the immediate attention of your prospective employers. Remember, that a resume represents 'you', so it must have character and uniqueness. A resume that stands out from thousands of other resumes, is the one that typically brings out your unique personality, skills, qualifications and experiences. A creative layout and a certain level of originality in the presentation of your skills will go a long way to impress your employers.

The smart way to present your qualifications in a resume is to highlight your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. If you are highly educated, emphasize your degrees and teaching or research accomplishments, highlight your knowledge and provide information on your academic pursuits. If you have great professional experiences, describe your previous job specifications or professional achievements in detail. It is important to remember that when describing your achievements, you must not overdo and you must provide only the most relevant and interesting information that will attract prospective employers. A great resume has one goal - impress everyone.

What are the different types of resumes?

There are different types of resumes such as electronically submitted online resumes, functional resumes, chronological resumes, website resumes, infographic resumes, combination of hybrid resumes, video or audio resumes, and personalized resumes.

You may have heard of professional social networks. LinkedIn is one example of a site that allows you to post and share website resume within a social network. You can also make a video of your skills and post a video resume on YouTube. Infographic resumes use graphics and images to present information in a condensed and scientific manner. Combination or Hybrid resumes use both chronological and functional styles, although may also use infographic approaches. Combination resumes are typically mixed-use, mixed-approach style resumes. Minnesota career resource has also identified targeted resumes that target specific job descriptions and keyword based resumes that are keyword rich and easily searchable by employers.

Finally, let me add the unique or creative personalized resume. This type of resume does not follow the rules or format of any other type of resume but represents your style and your unique approach to your life and profession. Your own creative personalized resume is unique as it reflects your character and personality. So my suggestion is to be bold and get creative and come up with a unique resume that will reflect your professional uniqueness and personality traits, so you will stand out as distinct and different from every other job applicant.

Concluding Remarks

While writing a resume, try to focus on relevance and impact. Are your presented skills relevant to the job description? Are you uniquely qualified for the job you are interested in? Are you confident that you will impress your prospective employers with your unique skills, personality traits and abilities? If yes, go ahead and create that stunning resume and find your dream job or hire a professional resume writer who will write the most amazing and unique resume for you.