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Writing a Presentation

How to Write a Presentation?

What is a presentation?

A presentation is typically a method of presenting or demonstrating a topic or information to an audience. A presentation could be a lecture or a demonstration, or a speech sometimes used with visual and audio aids and devices. A presentation could use images, graphics, PowerPoint presentation slides, video or audio content, conferencing tools, software programs and other tools or devices. Speech or lecture presentations are accompanied by speaker notes. The notes are usually distinct for each slide or visual data.

What is the purpose of a presentation?

Presentations are usually given orally in the form of a speech or lecture and there are accompanying visual aids such as slides, images, videos and graphics. The purpose of a presentation is to persuade, inform and instruct. Video conferencing allows for long distance lectures and presentations with the requisite tools. Presentations can be used by everyone from health professionals, social workers, to teachers, managers, construction workers, architects and marketing strategists. Presentations are the most effective method of presenting information in a precise, coherent and interesting manner.

How to create a great presentation?

Write a Presentation

A great presentation is either highly persuasive and can stir, arouse or motivate the audience to make specific decisions, or it can be highly informative with instructional value providing new information that will be beneficial to the audience. Great presentations are also effective, relevant, visually appealing, creative and highly informative.

Presentations are prepared on slides and the most popular software used to prepare presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. The PowerPoint application allows you to add data, text and images on any number of slides. The slides are prepared with visually interesting material and sometimes vivid colors, designs and images are used.

You can use any type of visually appealing text font for the text material and sound, enhancement and animation effects can be added to the slides. Just download the Microsoft PowerPoint application, open the application, click on 'new presentation' option, choose slide design or layout from a number of options and add text, images, sound and animation effects. The extra space for speaker notes is present at the bottom or side of the screen. Once you have added a sufficient number of slides, save the presentation and play on your computer. While presenting to a large audience, the computer can be attached to a projector screen and you can use a microphone to read out your speaker notes while presenting the slides on a large screen. Presentation sessions can last a few minutes to over an hour and there is usually a Q&A (question and answer) session at the end of each presentation. This is the speaker's opportunity to interact with the audience. Presentations are very effective methods of communication when you need to present your ideas to a large audience in a lecture, speech or conference.

What are the different types of presentations?

The types of presentations are categorized according to their functions. Some of these presentations are instructional and informative and others are persuasive and motivational.

An effective presentation is visually appealing and can instantly draw the attention of the audience. However, considering the types of presentation, the primary functions of presentations are 1. providing information and 2. motivating decision making.

Concluding Remarks

A presentation is the most effective and fastest method to reach out to an audience. If you give an audio presentation or present ideas orally to your clients or students, that could be effective but may not have a lasting impact. Visual tools like slides can create impact and help your audience to understand your ideas easily and remember them vividly. Visual stimuli, images and data have a lasting impact when compared with just reading out textual information. Presentations with visual aids and devices are more effective than traditional speech and lecture. Presentations can be easily created on your computer but if you want your presentations to look professional and impactful and need guidance on how to create the most sophisticated PowerPoint slides, get in touch with professionals who can help you.