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Writing a Speech

How to Write a Speech?

What is a Speech?

Although speech may refer to the articulation of thoughts or ideas through communication, in this article, we will consider speech as a formal discourse or address, that is delivered to an audience. Although writing an impressive (and expressive) speech could be challenging, following a structure and certain simple rules, would make it easier to write, read/memorize and deliver a stunning speech. Although a speech is a vocalized form of communication, in this article we focus on speech that is relevant to public speaking, so according to this definition, speech is a brief or elaborate and often structured communicative tool that is meant to inform, entertain or persuade an audience. You may want to write and deliver a speech about a political, social or environmental issue, or give a graduation speech or deliver a speech for your colleagues at business. A speech can be often paired or linked to a presentation, as in a conference where you present a speech with visual imagery, visual aids, charts, graphic data or PowerPoint slides, to deliver your speech to an informed audience. These speeches can be sufficiently technical, and most technical speeches require visual aids or graphic charts, presentation slides and other technical tools.

What is the purpose of a Speech?

Write a Speech

Speech in a written form needs to have a specific structure and must be written with the purpose of delivering an address to an audience. So, speech serves a dual purpose, that is to address a target audience, and to express the thoughts and opinions of the speaker. Speeches have communicative, expressive and receptive qualities as speeches have to be listened to, speeches serve to communicate ideas and speeches are also expressive and speakers express thoughts and ideas through speech. A speech has to be first written and then articulated or delivered to a target audience.

The primary purpose of a speech is to serve as a tool for the writer or speaker's self-expression. The secondary purpose of a speech is to stir or impress an audience through speech delivery. Remember the two words while writing or delivering a speech - impress and express. Impress your audience and express yourself. That should make a good speech.

How to write a Speech?

Most speeches have to be presented within a specific time period and sometimes even the speech format is specified. So, while writing a speech, consider how long the speech can be and what content you can or should include in the speech. A 15-minute speech will have different structure and content than a 30-minute speech. For a short speech, focus on the most important points and omit the less important issues. Before writing a speech, collect all the information you will need to write the speech from relevant sources including books, websites or journals.

The steps to writing a speech include creating an outline with the most important or relevant points. After all the points are covered in your outline, figure out which points or issues require elaboration and which points can be briefly mentioned in your speech.

Next, write a strong and impressive introduction providing a brief summary on what you will talk about and what subject or issues you will be addressing.

Use the outline to construct the main body of the speech and connect the dots and ensure a smooth flow as you speak about one issue and then move on to the other. Emphasize on the most important or primary issues first, elaborate on these and then move on to the secondary issues. After all the main points are covered, briefly state or mention certain points that are relevant to your speech and finally write your conclusion. The introduction and conclusion are equally important as these will help to impress the audience and your purpose - to stir or motivate, persuade, inform or entertain the audience will be served.

What are the different types of Speeches?

Writing speeches is challenging as you cannot just write a speech. You have to write a very effective speech that makes an impact on the audience. To understand how you can create this impact, you must have a thorough understanding about the different types of speeches and how you can write a very strong speech.

The types of speeches are categorized according to functions or purpose. Thus there are conversational speech, informative speech, persuasive speech and entertaining speech.

Concluding Remarks

Speeches are important aspect of our business, professional, academic or social life. We give short conversational speeches at weddings or personal occasions and give informative speeches with video, visual aids or PowerPoint tools in more professional or business settings. Our social activities are often marked by persuasive speeches as we try to convince people to follow a cause or adopt certain viewpoints. Speech presentation and public speaking are thus meant to create impact and impress an audience. Speeches are meant to stir social action, engage people and potentially have the power to change the world. However, every speech, whether small or big has an inherent power to create an impact and that is why your next speech at a conference, class, meeting or dinner table is so important. If you need help with crafting the most stunning speeches, get in touch with a custom paper writing service.