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Developing the Writing Process

Effective Writing Through Proper Research

The ability to conduct proper research and to put down the findings through effective writing is a prerequisite for succeeding in graduate studies and academic life. With this in mind, it is imperative for learners to sharpen their skills in academic research and writing given that these are critical for their success not only in their present academic life in schools or colleges, but also in their life after graduation. This paper discusses a number of strategies that can help students to hone skills in proper research and writing.


The first strategy is taking the learners through writing proper literature reviews which constitutes an initial stage in conducting research. A literature review is an evaluative, critical report on exiting literature on a given research topic, which involves determining and establishing consistent relationships between existing studies and the topic of research at hand. It acquaints the students with previous research studies and appropriate research methodology, as well as help them identify gaps in existing literature for advancing research in a given field of study. Furthermore, the learners hone critical thinking skills and enhancing their ability to analyze, synthesize and interpret information and research findings. Moreover, Boote & Beile hold that literature review is part of research preparation, hence continually engaging learners in such rigorous academic activity can enhancing their ability to do proper research and writing.

Second, understanding how to use research tools, including search engines, academic databases is a better way of learning proper research and writing. Good knowledge in these tools will help the students to access relevant source and collect requisite information for getting ready for writing the research paper properly. For instance, it is essential for students to create a search strategy to help them to access relevant materials online as well maintain accurate record of searches undertaken for faster retrieval (CQ University).

Another strategy is taking notes throughout the whole research process. As one work through reading books, articles, and other publications, it is prudent to take short notes along as opposed to hoping that he or she will recall every important detail read. This does not mean indiscriminately putting down everything rather only essential details that will assist in answering the assignment question. This calls for being concise. Just as writing literature review, not-taking is a major component of preparation for research and writing; therefore one cannot afford neglecting it.

Additionally, it is excellent practice to first develop a draft outline comprising all the sections and subsections of the actual research paper or a blog. Thereafter, one can continue using the taken notes and other gather information and organizing them in line with related parts of the paper as indicated in the draft outline. The draft outline also serves as a checklist for organizing one's work and ensuring that all essential sections are incorporated in the final write-up.

Also, understanding how to reference and cite sources are inevitable in learning proper research and writing. Because students might rely on other people's materials when researching and writing their assignments, it is necessary to acknowledge the sources or authors of these materials to avoid plagiarism. Appropriate referencing enhances the credibility of one's writing, the research process, as well as the outcome of the research process. Equally, it is important to avoid relying on nonacademic sources such as Wikipedia.

In conclusion, it is imperative to observe that taking students through writing literature reviews is a better way of developing proper research and writing skills. Similarly, knowledge about note-taking, writing draft outline, and proper referencing and citation can sharpen their research skills and help them develop a firm ground on which to develop effective writing. Nonetheless, it is also prudent to state the continued practice of these strategies will help the students perfect their research and writing skills.


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