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Writing a Blog

How to Write a Blog?

What is a blog?

A Weblog or simply Blog is a personal journal or a regularly updated log of one's thoughts. A blog is like an informal website that is updated frequently, sometimes weekly or monthly, but often daily, to provide information on any topic. A blog could be highly personal or it could be political or related to a social or environmental cause.

What is the purpose of a blog?

A blog is more like a personal journal or diary shared with the world via the world wide web. The purpose of a blog could be to educate, to entertain, to motivate, to inform or simply to reach out to thousands and often millions of internet users. Blogs may have public value as blogs help researchers, psychologists and sociologists to guage the latest trends or social changes and understand people's sentiments and attitudes. Microblogs like Twitter project the 'zeitgeist' of modern society. Blogs have significant historical value as researchers of the future would be able to read blogs and understand people and society during our times. Thus archiving or preservation of blogs would be a crucial challenge for historians and technologists worldwide.

Write a Blog

The person who regularly maintains and updates a blog is called a blogger. Bloggers use their blog to reach out to followers or readers of their blog and sometimes their blog becomes very popular on the internet, gives them a voice, help them to establish an online identity and enables them to promote and even sell their services and products.

A personal blog could be your tool to fame on the internet and you could become a social influencer and attract followers. Social influencers use their blogs as powerful marketing tools as they can advertise products, promote a cause and influence decision making. Influencers can start or fuel social movements or change consumer behavior. Blogging is a very powerful tool as you can get your voice heard no matter who you are or where you live and you can have a direct impact on your readers. It may not be easy to reach out to millions of people through traditional media like radio or television, but the internet is unique as anyone can reach out instantly to millions of others at the click of a button. Just write a blog, click on 'publish', and your blog is instantly online and accessible to millions of web surfers. The internet has genuinely created an open, free and fair world where everyone can have a voice and everyone's opinion counts.

How to write a blog?

So, how do you write a blog? Blogs are usually created as blogposts and posted by the blogger directly on a webpage. Some of the best free blogging sites are Blogger, Google Plus, Facebook, Medium, Weebly, Squarespace and WordPress. You have to first sign up to one of these free sites or create your own website and you'll be able to create and post blogs for little or no money. Just write anything you are passionate about or promote a cause, and if your blogposts are interesting, you can become popular on the internet. Blogging on a website is a popular option and many people maintain their blogs as part of their websites. You can look up and read some examples of blogs on academic writing, essay writing and research.

What are the different types of blogs?

Generally blogs are either personal or maintained by companies and organizations. However, you can write any type of blog and some of the popular types of blogs include:

Concluding Remarks

You can write any type of blog but as long as you can make it visually appealing with interesting information, blogs will help improve your web presence and give you significant social advantage. Blogs can be your ultimate tool for publicity, popularity and instant internet fame.