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Frequently Asked Questioins

FAQ (general)

What is is a unique website that connects students with reputable essay writing and research companies online. By offering free discount and coupon codes to their current and prospective clients, these companies can expand and improve the quality of their services while students can take advantage of great and exclusive deals. EssayCoupons offers these services at no charge.

Is it really 100% FREE?



What is a Featured Coupon?

A Featured Coupon appears at the top of all the coupons, is directly linked to your website, and it is highlighted with a unique background. When you see a featured coupon, it generally indicates that the offer is extremely popular or cost effective. If you are in need of a custom essay or term paper, you are encouraged to seriously consider the Featured Coupon.

FAQ (for students)

What companies post their offers on

EssayCoupons strives to bring our clients only the best coupons from legitimate essay writing and research companies based in the United States, United Kingdom, and other countries. These companies provide model academic writing, editing, and proofreading services to students around the world.

How am I protected from dishonest or fraudulent essay merchants?

If we determine a company publishing their coupons on our website is dishonest in their offers or dealings with their clients, we will remove their coupons immediately.

Do I need to sign up for an account to use the site to its full extent?

All students can use 100% of the website's features without the necessity to open an account.

Can I send my favorite coupons to my own email address?

Yes. All you need to do is to save your favorite coupons, enter your email address, and the coupon information will be emailed to the provided address.

One of the coupons I saved is not working as described. What can I do?

On rare occasions, coupons may not work correctly. When this occurs, make sure the coupon you copied is the same as presented on The coupon's code may be case sensitive. If the coupon appears to be correct, report the problem. To report a coupon or get in touch with the coupon's author/company, please follow these steps:

1. Save the coupon.

2. From the Saved Coupons page, report it by clicking the "@" link.

3. Fill out the report form.

4. The information will be immediately delivered to the author of the coupon and to the EssayCoupons staff to alert them of the problem.

I saved some coupons, but they don't always appear on the Saved Coupons page. Why?

The feature of saving selected coupons is dependent on 'cookies' of a particular web browser and computer you use. For example, if you saved some coupons when you were browsing the site using the Firefox web browser, these saved coupons will only be available when you return to our website on the Firefox browser. A benefit of EssayCoupons is the ability to save separate coupons on different web browsers if needed.

FAQ (for essay website owners)

How do we start and post our essay-related coupon codes on

To post a coupon, register for a free account, and then you are able to begin posting your coupons immediately.

Are coupons posted instantly in real-time?

Yes. However, all coupons must meet the Quality Guidelines criteria; otherwise, they may be deactivated or removed.

How many coupons can we post?

Each author/company can have up to 1 live published coupons from the same domain at the same time. There's no limit on the number of inactive coupons that are hosted.

Can we post coupons from different domains using just one account?


Can we re-publish coupons that we have already published elsewhere?

No. EssayCoupons is an exclusive coupon site. Therefore, posted coupons are not found on other websites. This is a benefit to our clients and increases the user experience. Please check our Terms and Quality Guidelines page for more information.

How long are the coupons hosted for?

There are two options:

1. A specified coupon expiration date, where the exact expiration date is selected.

2. A never expires coupon, where the coupon codes will be hosted for an unlimited period of time.

What happens when one of our coupons expires?

After a coupon expires, it automatically gets deactivated and removed from the live website (if you host a Featured coupon you will be notified before the coupon expires). However, only the author of the coupon can delete it; when your coupon expires you can get to it and make it live again by selecting a new expiration date.

Can I temporarily hide a coupon or edit/delete it at any time?


What happens if we make a spelling mistake and post an invalid or expired coupon?

You will be alerted directly by or by one of your prospective clients who tried to use your coupon. After receiving the alert message, you will be asked to either correct the coupon message or disable it.

What are the benefits of Featured Coupons?

Featured Coupons have great benefits. They increase your website's trustworthiness on the Internet, and give your coupons instant exposure with a unique background color. They may also appear on other popular websites related to academic research and writing, for example EssayScam. Our editors on staff carefully review all Featured Coupons. When they are accepted, they are rewarded with a trusted link to your website. Regular essay coupons do not have this great benefit.

Is there a coupon for the

Yes. Sometimes we may run a promotion on different essay-related websites and you are welcome to take advantage of the offers.

May I link to

Yes. Please use the following HTML code (or any other you may find appropriate): – academic writing and research deals.