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Walden Admissions Statement

Walden Admission Goal Statement - Bachelor in Health Studies

Degree and Specialization

I am applying for admission to Walden University's degree program in the Bachelor in Health Studies with a specialization in Health Informatics. I plan to pursue continuing studies through the university's Masters in Public Health program after successful completion of my undergraduate studies. At the same time, I also want to work as a Physician's Assistant while pursuing further professional development.

Personal/Professional Goals

College Admission Statement

My interest in attending Walden University is primarily motivated by my desire to obtain an undergraduate degree that would prepare me further for a professional career in the medical field. I believe that the Bachelor's Degree Program in Health Studies would equip me with the academic and practical training and experience required for my development as a person and as a competent health professional. I also see the advantages of the online mode of instruction and education at Walden University in terms of granting me the flexibility to continue my regular employment while in the process of completing my studies. Continuing my education at the Walden University therefore complements my long-term goal of advancing my career as a highly competent healthcare practitioner with the ability to deliver quality patient care through knowledge in the use of information technology in diverse healthcare and medical settings.

Academic Experience

I graduated in May 2007 with a G.P.A of 3.4 from the Florida Community College, where completed my Associate Degree in Applied Science focused on Respiratory Therapy. I then enrolled at the Oakbrook College in New Jersey with the intention of acquiring an undergraduate degree under the online program of Bachelor of Science in Health Management. However, I was unable to complete my studies at Oakbrook due to constraints in personal finances. Being a married man with three children, the need to support not only my education but also my family put an immense pressure on my family's financial capabilities. My financial difficulty with meeting the expense of my education at Oakbrook was further compounded by the fact that not all of the units I had completed at my previous school were accepted by Oakbrook College.

Work /Other Experience

I am currently employed as a Respiratory Therapist at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital, a position I have held since August last year. Prior to this, I worked for Federal Express as a driver from 1995 to March 2005. My career change towards the medical field was motivated by my desire to do something other than drive a Fedex truck. I come from a poor family and my desire to be the first person from my family to get a college degree encouraged me to go to school while I worked full-time at Fedex. In addition, I also did clinical rotations in community hospitals for two full years to gain clinical experience as a respiratory therapist.

I believe that the experiences I gained from my employment and my previous academic training within the healthcare profession have given me the necessary knowledge and skills that would be useful in my further training as a healthcare professional. Moreover, my work experience and background in healthcare delivery settings have also allowed me to develop the discipline and critical thinking required for academic success as a student at Walden University.