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Writing an Article

How to Write an Article?

What is an article?

An article is a piece of writing that may or may not be too formal and structured but is focused on a specific issue or topic. An article is typically more structured and less rambling than a blog and less structured or less formal or complex than an essay. So let's say a blog is a simple, random piece of writing whereas an essay is a structured, formal piece of writing and the article is neither too formal nor too informal and thus lies in between the formal essay and the informal blog. An article does have a better structure than a blog, but the writing style for an article is typically journalistic or conversational. Articles are usually written for websites as web content or for journals, newspapers or magazines although some formal academic pieces of writing may also be considered as articles. The terms 'essay' and 'article' are sometimes used interchangeably although they are quite distinct in terms of purpose. Book reviews, critiques, columns, news reports, real-life stories, personal accounts and magazine features are all different types of articles.

What is the purpose of an article?

Write an Article

An article is usually a non-fiction piece of writing and is part of a book, magazine or newspaper and thus may have commercial value. Articles are written on specific topics and can be informative, argumentative or critical. Articles can be based on political, social, environmental issues and on any topic.

Almost like a blog, the purpose of an article is to attract reader attention and almost like an essay, an article aims to be detailed and informative. Whereas an essay is usually based on a topic, a question, a problem, an argument or a title, articles may be more general and have a broader scope. Some articles can however be very specific and focused on a particular problem or issue. Articles tend to follow certain guidelines and guidelines and formats vary for each magazine, newspaper or journal. Articles are however less scholarly and more general when compared to an essay. Let us focus on how you can write an article.

How to write an informative article?

An article does not have the formal structure of an essay and does not necessarily require referencing or particular citation styles. Yet many articles include comprehensive referencing with data and images to provide more information to the reader. Thus when you write an article, you must focus on your readers and the target audience. Articles are more reader oriented than academic essays. Newspapers and magazines sell their stories and articles to their readers, so articles have to be entertaining, interesting and informative. Originality is also an important ingredient and articles on fresh and original topics can attract a lot of attention. If you are running an online magazine, you must focus on adding interesting articles to your website and hiring professional article writers could increase your magazine's online traffic and web visibility.

What are the different types of articles?

Every journal or magazine will have its own distinct type of articles. But generally articles can be regular columns, reviews, opinion pieces, commentaries, case studies, original research and reports.

Regular columns are written by columnists who write on specific issues according to their expertise and contribute to a journal or magazine on a regular basis. Reviews are critiques of a book, play, research paper or even a service or a product. Reviews provides insights and opinions on a range of products and are short and precise articles. Opinion pieces are more lengthy and are in-depth discussions on political, social, scientific, environmental, economic or other issues. Original research is an article summarizing original research findings and case studies are articles that deal with specific real-life cases, events or people.

Commentaries are similar to opinion pieces but are usually shorter and can be responses to reviews, critiques, opinion pieces or social events and activities. Reports are more fact-based, objective articles and depend less on opinions or subjective responses.

Concluding Remarks

Articles are used by almost all web managers and a well-written and informative article attracts rmany readers, increasing website traffic and visibility. Articles are used by magazine editors, newspapers and online news, reviews and marketing sites. Articles have high commercial value and may have low academic value but some articles can be very entertaining and informative at the same time.